ABOUT erinmichele

Erin has loved all things beauty since elementary school: makeup, nail polish, perfume. Her earliest memory of playing with makeup is purchasing some Wet n Wild lipstick at the local drug store - after being explicitly told not to!

As her passion for makeup grew so did Erin's penchant for precise application and quality products; her education started when she frequented luxury cosmetics counters in college.  Not only did she ask the  artists to help select products, but also to explain application techniques. Cosmetics departments are notorious for being intimidating to women but Erin didn't let that stop her from getting every question answered. Always a quick learner, Erin began applying her own makeup with such attention to detail and a special eye for color, friends began asking for her prowess to shop for makeup and apply their makeup for special events.

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In April 2004 she was hired for her first wedding makeup job. The thrill of creating beautiful makeup looks and helping women feel like themselves at their most radiant was life changing. Erin began to pursue beauty makeup as a profession and so that same year she became an artist with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.  Over the next four years Erin attended multiple company training events covering every aspect of makeup application and color theory. Her skill and industry knowledge of the most state-of-the-art products grew and so did her business.

Erin customizes each clients' makeup application, engaging with each woman to find out how she likes to wear her makeup for everyday and what feels like a special occasion look for her, which cosmetic she loves the most, and what look she is wanting for her event. Erin receives a lot of repeat business - women who first sat in her chair as a bridesmaid have booked for their wedding photos, and now maternity shoots! She is an attentive listener, prompt communicator and is a comfortable presence with a variety of types of people.